New stuffs..

2008-04-15 04:26:17 by Kmax

Ahh..none to date, b ut planing on making some nice stuff for a few contests next month. I really would like a new logo for myself since I suck a drawing and Photoshop. So if someone at the kindess of their heart (or just plain bored) try and see if they can hook me up?

New stuffs..


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2008-07-03 17:21:39

I am sorry, I can't help you however an friend of mine could. If your still interested Pm me though.

-Quick note-

I just listnened to your remix of Chaoz Fantasy, well I just wanted to say that it's awesomely made! However there could be some more kick to it. And for your comfort I gave you an 5/5.



2008-07-13 09:10:21

I edit sprites and stuff so, if you want I could make you one.