That's right!

2010-01-19 15:26:57 by Kmax

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2010-02-01 22:01:15

I saw you on Myspace you should check your Myspace more often

Kmax responds:

i... don't have a myspace account..


2010-08-14 12:09:15

That was awesome. Plain 'n simple.


2010-08-25 18:50:56

Hey Kmax your beats are crazy amazing, i was wondering if i can record over Sadja. I love the flow of that beat, really have a cool style and i think i can get sign with that beat as well. I want to get sign to a record label but i need beats to record, don't really know how to make beats all i know is how to rap, sing, and dance. I already know that other people have recorded over this beat. I think i can do better though.